WA97 and NA57 at Prague

 People :       Physicists :  P. Zavada (Team leader), P. Staroba
                Technician :  J. Weichert
	        Friend     :  K. Piska

   Both experiments measure the production of strange and
multistrange hyperons and antihyperons in relativistic heavy ion
collisions as a function of energy and centrality at the
CERN SPS heavy ion beam.

   WA97 took data during the years 1994-1996 in the hall West, NA57 in 1998-2001
in the hall Nord. Decision to stop data taking in NA57 experiment was done

   Secondary particles are detected in the limited kinematic window
( p_T > .5 GeV/c, central rapidity in CMS). The main part of
detector is a Silicon Pixel Telescope.

Activities of Prague group :

Other sources of information :

WA97 and NA57 home page : The WA97 and NA57 experiments

   Annual summary reports of the group activities for the
Committee for Collaboration of the Czech Republic with CERN (in Czech) :Lanna

Pavel Staroba 21/09/2005