String Theory group

at the Institute of Physics of the ASCR

Our string theory group is mostly interested in string field theory, black hole physics, holography in quantum gravity and soon also in higher spin field theories. For more information on our research interests click here.


Martin Schnabl
Ted Erler
Joris Raeymaekers
Masaki Murata
Tomáš Procházka


Matěj Kudrna

Past and future members:

Dario Francia (till September, 2011)
Carlo Maccaferri (till June, 2012)
Carlo Iazeolla (from October, 2012)

Useful information:

Schedule of activities
Visitor schedule
How to get here
String Field Theory September 20. - 24. 2011

Postdoctoral openings:

Presently we do not have any postdoctoral opening. Information about past calls can be found here.

Outstanding candidates who would like to join our group are very welcome to contact us at any time and we will try to assist them in obtaining external funding such as Marie Curie Actions fellowships. For more information please email schnabl.martin at Please note the very early deadlines for such fellowships.

Source of funding:

The group's research is mostly funded by the 2007 European Young Investigator Award from EUROHORC's and ESF. It comes via the Grant Agency of Czech Republic, contract number GAČR EYI/07/E010. As of recently, members of the group are funded also through the Eduard Čech Institute for Algebra, Geometry and Physics within the scheme Projects of Excellence in Basic Research GAČR P201/12/G028.