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The sixth year of an all European EPPOG initiative, Masterclasses for high school students who thus get the opportunity to gain some feeling of what is it like to analyze a particle physics experiment, was organized during February 2010.
Czech masterclass this time took place directly at two high schools, one in Prague and one in the town of ??r nad S?avou, being excellently organized by local teachers who had previous experience with high energy physics from excursions with students to CERN and participation in the CERN national teachers programme, with some advice from the national organizers and representative. One expert each took part in the action at both places, having given lectures and some advice with the analysis.
Next opportunity in spring 2011, stay tuned.

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Week of Science and Technology 2004, organized by the Acadaemy of Sciences of the Czech Republic on November 8-14, 2004, included lectures and round-table discussion on particle physics and the 50th anniversary of CERN.

The round table discussion

took place on November 8 (presentations in ppt format)


Day of CERN took place on 12 October 2004 at the historic building of the Charles University in Prague, Karolinum, to commemorate the 50th birthday of this European laboratory for particle physics.

A report with a couple of pictures (in Czech).
Presentations for high-school students (in Czech)
CERN 50th Anniversary pages.


The Nobel prize in physics 2004 David J. Gross, H. David Politzer, Frank Wilczek
"for the discovery of asymptotic freedom in the theory of strong interactions"

More detailed article
(by J. Chyla - in Czech)


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