PostScript Type 1 versions of Indic fonts
for TeX/LaTeX/PDFLaTeX

Karel Piska
[my surname with diacritic: P\'{\i}\v{s}ka ]
Institute of Physics, Academy of Sciences, Prague (CZ)

The Type 1 fonts have been converted with my own tools, METAPOST, FontForge and t1utils from free METAFONT sources available from CTAN.
The PostScript fonts extend the original CTAN packages (MF fonts, TFM files and macros) and substitute the bitmapped PK fonts to produce the final PS/PDF output. Therefore the common TFM files from the original distributions must be used to run (PDF)(La)TeX.
The distribution consists of the PFB files (in the directory fonts/type1/public/indic/), the MAP file(s); visual proofsheet files in PDF (doc/fonts/indic/[LANGUAGE]/proofsheets/) and visual representation of METAPOST output in PDF (doc/fonts/indic/[LANGUAGE]/mpost/ if ready).
The files are stored in a zipped form and may be restored by unzip in UNIX/Linux or extracted in MS Windows.

IndicType1 package (ZIP)

(~8MB) contains the PFB, TFM, and MAP files for all the available (122) fonts. The PFB files will be unzipped into the fonts/type1/public/indic/ directory, the TFM files into fonts/tfm/public/indic/, and the MAP files into fonts/map/dvips/indic subdirectory. The current font list can be found in README together with the FontNames and the preliminary user UniqueID numbers.

It is also possible to download the alternative IndicType1 package (ZIP) split by scripts (~8MB) into ZIP subsections and then to unzip only the selected scripts.
The separate single-script subpackage ZIP files are zipped together nesting inside: - devanagari subpackage (60 fonts) - sanskrit (8 fonts) - gurmukhi (4) - punjabi (1) - bangla (3) - malayalam (18) - sinhala (6) - only 10pt - tamil (1) - kannada (9) - incomplete - telugu (11) - incomplete - tibetan (1)

Font tables

You can download simple font tables: the single font table of the dvng10 font (PDF); and also the complete font tables for the Devanagari fonts (PDF) (60 fonts, one font per page) and other Indic scripts (PDF) (60 fonts).
tel100 (PDF) and ctib (PDF) are given separately because of their non-standard page layout.

The files with proofsheet pages (one file for each font) are huge!!!

If you do not want to study all the fonts and all the glyphs in the tiniest details: For a general information I recommend to download only for the single dvng10 font its visual METAPOST output (PDF) and its proofsheet file (PDF) . Namely, for the strokes produced by METAPOST their envelope curves have been calculated.

The PFB files and proofsheet files may be downloaded separately for a single script(language) collection:

PFB-TFM-MAP files (ZIP) for 60 dvn(g|b|c|n) fonts,
proofsheet pages for "standard" dvng in PDF (ZIP) together with the visualized METAPOST output;
proofsheet pages for Bombay/Calcutta/Nepali in PDF (ZIP) (the alternative glyphs only) with the visualized METAPOST output.

Sanskrit: PFB-TFM-MAP files (ZIP) and proofsheet pages (ZIP)

Gurmukhi: PFB-TFM-MAP files (ZIP) and proofsheet pages (ZIP) with the METAPOST output.

Punjabi: PFB-TFM-MAP file (ZIP) and proofsheet pages (ZIP) .

Bangla: PFB-TFM-MAP files (ZIP) and proofsheet pages (ZIP) with the METAPOST output.

Tamil: PFB-TFM-MAP file (ZIP) and proofsheet pages (ZIP) with the METAPOST output.

Sinhala (only the 10pt font size fonts have been converted): PFB-TFM-MAP files (ZIP) and proofsheet pages (ZIP) with the METAPOST output.

Malayalam, Kannada, Telugu are still under development.
PFB-TFM-MAP files (ZIP) for Malayalam, PFB-TFM-MAP files (ZIP) for Kannada, PFB-TFM-MAP files (ZIP) for Telugu; and the corresponding proofsheet and METAPOST output files: for Malayalam, for Kannada, for Telugu.
several fonts, e.g. (kan|tel)*(x|y), have not been converted.

Tibetan: PFB-TFM-MAP file (ZIP) and proofsheet pages (ZIP)

Remarks, bug reports and suggestions are welcome!

The glyph names inside the Type 1 fonts are internal. They are not necessary for dvips or pdftex because no reencoding is used. Encoding vectors and PostScript glyph names are preliminary. They have been copied or derived from the METAFONT comments to preserve a close similarity. The preliminary encoding files with glyph names (ZIP) (unzip uses the relative font/enc/dvips/indic directory).
Proposals for changing the glyph names are also welcome.

If you are in doubt in a glyph shape compare it with the METAFONT and/or METAPOST output first because the glyph shapes are copyrighted by the authors of the original METAFONT sources. Of course, I cannot exclude my errors in conversion, they may be in differences from the origin.

The glyph widths in the TFM files may be non-integer. In the PFB files the accurate glyph widths have been inherited. Unfortunately, the afm2tfm program rounds these glyph widths, therefore we cannot restore the original TFM with non-integer values from AFM automatically and I have decided to exclude the AFM files from the current distribution to solve the problem later.

The strict and detailed verification is also a time consuming and "heavy" work, verificators are also welcome.


Many thanks to
Prof. Donald E. Knuth for TeX and METAFONT
John Hobby for METAPOST
George Williams for FontForge
Eddie Kohler for t1utils
authors and coauthors of the Indic and other public fonts:
Frans J. Velthuis (Devanagari), Charles Wikner (Sanskrit), Amarjit Singh (Gurmukhi), Hardip Singh Pannu (Punjabi), Palash Baran Pal (Bangla), Jeroen Hellingman (Malayalam), G.S. Jagadeesh and Venkatesh Gopinath (Kannada), Lakshmankumar Mukkavilli (Telugu), Thomas Ridgeway (Tamil), Yannis Haralambous (Sinhala), Sam Sirlin and Oliver Corff (Tibetan), et al.

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