Cuneiform fonts for TeX/LaTeX/PDFLaTeX

Karel Piska

[my surname with diacritic: P\'{\i}\v{s}ka ]

Institute of Physics, Academy of Sciences, Prague (CZ)



In case you want to use and cite the cuneiform fonts in you own publications, this is the preferred reference (for TeX/LaTeX/PDFLaTeX):

Karel P\'{\i}\v{s}ka. {\em Fonts for Neo-Assysian Cuneiform.} Proceedings of the Euro\TeX\ Conference (Paperless \TeX), Heidelberg, Germany, September 20--24, 1999, Partosch, G\"unter; Wilhelms, Gerhard (editors) -- Gie\ss en, Augsburg, 1999, ISSN 1438-9959, 142--154.
see also: (PDF) - preprint of this article (pages numbered from 1).

README Introduction.
LICENSE (GNU General Public License).

Syllabary A in METAFONT (1998)

Bitmap fonts! Probably, no further development is expected!
METAFONT sources (ZIP) (together with .tfm files)
Sign list of Syllabary A (PDF)
Using of the METAFONT Syllabary A font : A sample in (PDF) and its source in [pdf]LaTeX (ZIP)

PostScript Type 1 Fonts (1999-2003)

(Fonts designed in 1999, two revisions in 2001 and 2003)

Akkadian fonts - Distribution in a TDS form (ZIP) version 001.002 - 20 July 2003
(contains .pfb,.afm,.tfm,.map,.sty files)
Distribution in one level form (ZIP)
Akkadian Sign List (PDF) (2001)
Akkadian Sign Index (PDF) (2001)
Font Tables (PDF)
Proofsheets (PDF) show how the signs are designed (PaintType 2)
Samples of using Neo-Assyrian Type 1 font with LaTeX:
A demonstration of 3 font forms (PDF) - first pages from 3 hypothetical variants of `A short syllabary...',
[pdf]LaTeX input (ZIP) and (result in PDF) ,
next sample (result in PDF) and its [pdf]LaTeX source (ZIP) .

Old Persian font - All files (.pfb,.afm,.tfm,.map,...) together: (ZIP) version 001.002 - 30 July 2003
Old Persian Sign List (PDF)
Font Tables (PDF)
Proofsheets (PaintType2) (PDF)

Ugaritic font - All files (.pfb,.afm,.tfm,.map,...) together: (ZIP) version 001.002 - 30 July 2003
Ugaritic Sign List (PDF)
Font Tables (PDF)
Proofsheets (PaintType2) (PDF)

Many thanks to
Eddie Kohler for t1utils ("t1asm" is used for conversion Type 1 sources written by hand into the PFB format),
George Williams for PfaEdit (now used for creating files in the AFM format).

I am not an expert in (La)TeX macro writing, so advanced support for typesetting of cuneiform in (La)TeX is not available.
Alphabets, scripts, writing systems and fonts are my hobby.
And often for these my activities (together with TeX and its relatives) I need to wait for holidays.
Last revision: 11 August 2003