HEPiX Meeting in Prague, Czech Republic

31 May to 2 June 1995

last change of this page: 30 June 1995

The Meeting is now over. Overheads are available as well as the complete Minutes of the Meeting.
You may find this announcement on the WWW under the URL http://www-hep2.fzu.cz/computing/HEPiX/HEPiX95.html.



If you are interested in participating to this meeting, please fill in the registration form as soon as possible and before April 15. After this date no hotel reservation can be guaranteed.
If you need help or more information, contact : Olga Krepelova, Julius Hrivnac or Milos Lokajicek (for people without WWW: kreplova@fzu.cz, hrivnac@fzu.cz or lokajick@fzu.cz).
You may consult list of participants registered so far (also in the plain text).

Meeting Place

The meetings will be held in:
Institute of Physics
of the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic
Na Slovance 2
180 40 Praha 8
Czech Republic
      tel: +42 2 6605 2666
      fax: +42 2 821227 or
           +42 2 8584 569
You may look at the map.


We have an agreement with the travel agency BOBS TOUR (French-Czech company from the Group PIOT) for the accommodation of the visitors of the HEPiX meeting willing to find a hotel in Prague centre. Via the agency the accommodation cost is lower than direct access to hotels. Moreover most hotels are filled mainly by travel agencies.
The address is:

       Bobs Tour
       Konevova 183
       130 00 Praha 3
       Czech Republic

       tel: +42-2 821567
       fax: +42-2 862535
Please, forward the accomodation requests to the Agency specifying HEPiX meeting. The agency will find a hotel for you and will ask you to pay 30-50% of the total hotel cost of your stay according to your hotel rules in advance. They will inform you on cancelation conditions (2 to 3 weeks depending on the hotel). In case of the cancelation before defined time limit, your advance money will be returned after agency fee subtraction.
All previous demands for accommodation were transferred to the agency and it will contact you (correct fax number is important). In case of all problems, please, contact Mrs. Krepelova ( kreplova@fzu.cz) and she will help you.
If you prefer an accomodation in the hostel Mazanka, it is sufficient to fill the registration form. No advance money is needed in this case.

Below you find a list of possible hotels with prices. The hotels are chosen to be in the Prague centre and close to the line B of Metro. Line B is a simple way how to leave Prague centre in the direction of the Institute of Physics (you must change to a tram nevertheless). App. exchange rate in January 95 is 21Kc/1CHF.

                          single                          Phone     Fax
1-Adria            ****  3030 Kc  P-1,Vaclavske nam. 26  24216543  no
                         3740 Kc
2-City hotel-Moran ****  4800 Kc  P-2,Na Morani 15       24915208  297533
                         5700 Kc (may differ +-300Kc)
3-Jalta            ****   190  $  P-1,Vaclavske nam.45   24229133  265357
                          220  $
4-Olympik          ****  2360 Kc P-8,Sokolovska 138      66181111  66310559
                         3460 Kc
5-Atlantic         ***   1850 Kc P-1,Na Porici 9/1074    24811084  24812378
                         3400 Kc
6-Beseda bonsai    ***   2200 Kc P-8,Vitkova 26          24218897  24231194
                         2400 Kc
7-Florenc          ***   2350 Kc P-8,Krizikova 11        24223260  24223248
                         2500 Kc                         24223271
8-Harmony          ***   2408 Kc P-1,Na Porici 31        2320721   2310009
                         3341 Kc
9-Brno             **    1250 Kc P-8,Thamova 26          24811888  24810432
                         1850 Kc
farther from centrum and Metro:
10-Tourist         **     598 Kc
                          898 Kc P-5,Peroutkova 531/81   524645    526469
11-Velodrom        **     800 Kc P-10,Nad Trebesinem III 770737    781674
                         1200 Kc                 3070/2
   two rooms have common toilet and bathroom
12-Central         **      74 DM P-1, Rybna 8,           355331
                          113 DM                         357218    354321
13-Opera           **    2600 Kc P-1,Tesnov 13,          2315609   2311477
                         2800 Kc
 Mazanka                  500 Kc P-8, Davidkova 84       66415928  66414242
                          700 Kc
                 triple 1 050 Kc
Special notice for Hotel Mazanka: It is a Hostel of the Academy, so it must be reserved via us. Please. The Hotel is close to the Institute, in 5 min walk distance (see map). One single room and one double room have common toilet and bathroom. Limited number of rooms with private toilet and bathroom are also available for a bit higher price. The breakfast may be ordered for 65 KC. The hotel must be booked well advance.

All prices may slightly change. Please, reserve your hotel as soon as possible. To cancel, inform the hotel 48h in advance.
The room price is ''breakfast included'' except the hotel Mazanka.
All phone and fax should be read as: +42 02

The reservation dead line is 15 April. After this date no reservation can be guaranteed.
Note also that aircraft places are also filling rapidly - book soon.
If you plan to arrive late in the evening in Prague, be sure that you have informed your hotel of the planned arrival time.


The lunches will be served in the Restaurant near to the institute (5 min. walk - see map). The lunch price is 120 Kc. We'll sell tickets for lunch during the coffee breaks. One common meal will be served to save the time (in advance announced exceptions possible).

Dinner Banquet

The dinner banquet will be on the Thursday (1st June) evening (19:00), it will be held in the "New City Restaurant Brewery". In the Restaurant special yeast beer is prepared each Thursday morning. The dinner' price will be 400 Kc for everybody. The address of the Restaurant is
Novomestsky pivovar
Vodickova 20
110 00 Praha 1
tel/fax: 242-15999


To Prague In Prague


According to Czech law, maximum allowed sum of Czech currency on entrance to the Czech Republic is 100 Czech crowns. According to our experience it is not strictly checked.
You will find numerous money exchange office in the Prague centre, some with 24 hours operations. Credit cards are often accepted in hotels and more expensive restaurants. Travel agency Bobs Tour, that will collect money for hotels from their clients during registration, will require Czech crowns if not explicitely agreed otherwise.


We ackowledge the help of the firm CORFIN a.s. PRAHA for the kind provision of the projection computer equipment during the HEPiX conference.