DELPHI Week in Prague

September 19-22 2002
Organized by

Division of elementary particle physics, Institute of Physics of the ASCR
Institute of Particle and Nuclear Physics of the Faculty of Mathematics and Physics, Charles University

  (19 September 2002)Check the link Programme of the meeting below, there were some last moment changes
(12 September 2002) New information has been added, in particular concerning transport from the airport to your hotels and current status of the city transport. It is still heavily influenced by the August floods, in particular, Metro in the centre of Prague does not work, but the surface transport provides bearable substitution.
Please check the points below.
(21 August 2002) Due to the last week flood in Prague, the ICARIS agency had to move their headquarters. Their phone and fax numbers are therefore changed:

New phone #: +4202 84842448
New fax #: +4202 84842446
The e-mail address remains the same,
We apologize for any possible inconveniencies.

In case of any question or problem, please don't hesitate to contact us at the Prague Institute of Physics.

J. Rames , last update 18 September 2002