H1 experiment

The experiment H1 at DESY, in which physicists, technicians and PhD students of the Center for particle physics are involved, investigates electron-proton collisions, which provide a basic information about the short-distance structure of matter. Prague particle physicists have contributed to this experiment since 1987 by constructing a part of the detector, participating in its operation, software equipment and data processing as well as physical analysis of the data. By the end of 2000 an upgrade of the accelerator begun and the number of particle collisions increased four times. This opened the possibility to study rare phenomena, in which one looked for signals of new physics. At the same time, an upgrade of the H1 detector improved considerably its detection capabilities. The JLSP contributed to this upgrade by the development and construction of the forward and backward silicon detectors and development of the software for experimental data processing.

Data taking started again in 2003 and continued until the end of June 2007 when the H1 detector closed its operation. H1 physicists will be for the next 2-3 years concerned with physical data analysis.

Further information about the H1 experiment can be found here.