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Project Auger will be the world's biggest detector of cosmic rays. It has been named after a French physicist Pierre Victor Auger (1899-1993) who dedicated part of his life to investigation of giant air showers.

Pierre Auger Observatory is designed to detect highest energy cosmic rays, from 1017 eV up to the end of known spectrum (EeV domain). The history of cosmic ray detection reaches back to the beginning of the century, yet many of the questions concerning its origin and propagation remain unsolved.

Auger Observatory is an international project. Participating laboratories can be found in Argentina, Australia, Bolivia, Brazil, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Italy, Mexico, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Slovenia, Spain, United Kingdom, United States and Vietnam.

The first scientific results of the Pierre Auger Observatory were presented at the ICRC'05 held in August 2005 in Pune, India. However, first "tasting" of the results happened even before this largest cosmic-ray conference - and it happened in Prague. Antoine Letessier-Selvon gave the lecture during the conference Physics in Collission 2005 (PIC'05) (July 6th - July 9th, 2005). The proceedings of the conference were published in February 2006 and his talk is also available here as preprint (12 pp., PDF [220 kB]).

Czech Collaboration members:

Getting Involved: The Czech Group acts as a represetnation of the Auger Collaboration in the Czech Republic. Any interested parties from the Czech Republic are cordially invited to contact the Czech Auger group for further information. We can offer help for everyone looking to get involved with the Pierre Auger Observatory in any way, from institutions aspiring for membership in the Collaboration to scientists looking to improve their understanding of Auger data.

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